Growing Strong Families:

A Tool Kit for Parenting

“Solving Problems and Preventing Problems”
The wisdom of over forty years of working with children, teens, parents and families
is packed into this practical, very usable e-book. The 8 ½ X 11 inch workbook format
makes it easy to read, easy to use and easy to copy!

Special Features:

Based on research identifying the characteristics and qualities of strong, healthy families.

Information that is clear, focused and easy to understand and apply.

A great variety of activities that parents and children can do to build identity,
 self worth, respect for others and responsibility; as well as having
 fun and creating stronger family relationships.

Creative and extremely helpful worksheets that enable the parents to model, teach
and participate with their children as they learn, change and grow.

Enjoyable stories that are fun and teach parenting skills as well as provide “teachable moments”

to help children learn critical skills and values.

“Mini” posters that can be used to help reinforce life skills and respectful interaction.

A special section on Christian parenting.


Everything in this e-book can be freely copied, used and given away within a few guidelines.